Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Sex Shivers Me!

Q. I am suffering from spasms in the abdomen. During sex instead of pressure I am suffering from pain. My husband wants sex daily but I am scared the moment he comes near me. After sex too I am feeling pain while passing urine.While my husband sleeps happily I suffer from pain for four hours. He is strong and even his penis is larger. Is his large penis reason for my suffering. Is is strokes crushing my vagina? What ever may be the reason I feel against sex pleasure. How to convince my husband?

Ans:Some women’s intestines in the womb get swollen due to infection resulting in blisters. Due to this stomach gets hard and during sex they will suffer from pain. This syndrome is known as Pelvic inflammatory disease. Get examined with a doctor and use antibiotics which cure your pain and make you happy. 


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