Monday, June 27, 2022

She Is Rigid

Q : I am 24 and married one and half years back. I We have a two year old baby but our marriage life is a big problem. I completed Inter and working in a private company. I wish my wife to talk and mingle with everyone. Forget about speaking to others,she will not speak with me. She is beautiful but in vain. She is not interested in sex but gave birth to a baby.I wish to go to shopping, parks etc and love others praising us. But she will not come to shopping, films and even functions. She is confined to house. I try to win her love and affection by helping her in cooking but she instead scolds me. In sex I try various means to arise her but she scolds me. No one understands my problem. Everyone thinks we are happy couple but life without sex is useless. How to change my wife?

Ans:Some from childhood be introverts and they don’t wish to mingle with others. They will not share their happiness with anyone but lead life as it goes on. Despite their status, education many live in that manner. One should change them with lot of patience. You may wish to go out with your wife anywhere on roads. But this will irritate her as she hates to be in public.

You should help her get accustomed with small groups and once she gets used she will try to change. After that your foreplay in sex will start giving kick to her. You need not lose heart and if you don’t lose your enthusiasm,in future she will be to your liking.


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