Wednesday, May 25, 2022

She Is Unattractive, Youngsters Attractive

 Q. I am 70 even if my wife sleeps near me I don’t have any sexual feelings. However she wants sex and is trying her best to arise my penis. However it is not getting erect. Even after many months there was no change. However if I have sex with any young woman,penis is erecting quickly and I am enjoying a lot. What is this wonder? It is a mystery for me why my penis not getting erected despite my wife’s best attempts while the same erected in case of strangers. Tell how to get penis erected in front of my wife?

Ans: People always get attracted to new things easily. This is proven right in your case. Since your wife always stays near you,you are not getting any feelings. So however had she try, you are not getting any pleasure. Because you are not loving or liking her.

A young woman is exciting her increasing your sexual wants. You are not having any sexual weakness. You and your wife get counseling and learn some sexual tips. Good communication will develop and help in making your life happy.


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