Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Shocking Situation Within 2 years of Marriage…

Q:My husband is a computer engineer and we are married two years back. We enjoyed sex pleasure for two months and then my husband lost her sex potency. I would like to enjoy sex every 2-3 days but due to my Husband , I am able to enjoy only once in a week or ten days.When I started asking for more sex,he started coming late from office. I am suspicious that whether he got attracted to another woman. He will not speak freely and will give reply in one or two words. I expect elaborate reply from film. I am worried about my sex life?

Ans:In the current generation due to professional pressures many are experiencing stress. This is reducing the sex potency but people are not realising this. Your husband too is suffering from the same but because of your pressure is unable to tell you.

However dedicated to profession,one should know how to relax and for that wife and kids are the best option. People should realise and spend more time with them coming from office. Even wife should understand husband and cooperate with him than hurt him with words. Understand your husband’s problem and communicate with him. With communication skills, your married life will be happy.


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