Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Should I Eat Curd Forcibly?

Q : Since my childhood I don’t take curd and buttermilk. I get vomiting on seeing them. However my family says if I don’t take buttermilk lot of heat will be generated in the body. I tried two,three times but I couldn’t eat buttermilk. Sometimes I am having leg pains, burning while passing urine, headache and burning in stomach. Elders say all those are due to eat. Will this not reduce if I don’t take butter milk?

Ans: There is nothing like overheat. All the problems due to other reasons. Infection is the reason for burning in urine or due to munoja irritation due to less consumption of water. Burning in Stomach due to secretion of acids in the digestive system. All talk of overheat due to lack of knowledge about health. Some don’t eat butter milk and they don’t like its smell. Some don’t eat fruits as they get irritated. Just because you hate butter milk and curd,nothing will happen. One neednot forcibly have it. 


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