Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Stay Away From Illegal Relations

Q-I had sex with a prostitute and after three days I started suffering from itching while passing urine. I participated in sex many times with the prostitute throughout the night. I thought the problem was due to heat generation as I did not sleep the entire night. The prostitute was beautiful and healthy and I thought that she won’t have any diseases. After burning sensation while passing urine with in two days one of my got swollen and I got viral fever. Right after that my testicles got swollen and pus started coming. I am very shy to go to doctors.What medicines I should use?

Ans: When you have disease you not consulting doctor will lead to bigger problems. Consult doctor immediately. You got Gonococcal, Chlamydial infection. You should be treated for it. Ceftriaxone 1gm injection should be taken for a week. Doxicycline 100ug capsules 1 each in morning and evening should be used for 14 days. You should take rest which will reduce swelling on testicles and fever. In future don’t have illegal affairs. After three years get HIV test done.


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