Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Stopping Liquor Is Good

Q.  I am having sugar. I am alcoholic and I am unable to stop it. Can sugar patients have alcohol. Will it be harmful? If I take alcohol what I can take out of Whisky,Wine,Beer etc? Or can I take everything? I heard that alcohol is helpful for heart patients, cholesterol etc? Is it true?

Ans: There are no health benefits due to alcohol. There are no proteins or vitamins it only increases calories. Sugar patients shouldn’t have calories.Alcohol increases triglycerides and this harms the walls of the blood vessels. Sugar patients will gain weight due to alcohol and it increases sugar. Lier gets damaged and cirrhosis liver will develop. BP patients will have increase in BP and brain nerves will get drained. Nerves will suffer burning sensation and pancreas will get damaged. So alcohol is not good. If one cannot leave, only when sugar is controlled, they can have. Wine,whisky and beer should be avoided. Only Dryline,Light beer can be had with limited quantity. Alcohol should be taken with meals.In such restrictions better stop having alcohol.


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