Monday, June 27, 2022

Stress Giving That Feeling

Q. We are married ten years back. We are having sex everyday without any problem. A week back during sex my penis became soft and from then on it did not get erect. I have been trying since then but penis did not get erect. What happened to me? Even my wife is worried. Every day she is trying to arise it and even sucking it but of no use. Why did I suddenly get this eunuch quality? Am I not fit for sex now? Did I become eunuch? I am worried, save me.

Ans: You didn’t get eunuch qualities or turn eunuch. Sudden eunuch qualities are due to mental feeling. Some suddenly get doubts about their sex potency and this results in penis becoming soft. This psychological shock depress them. If one control their mind and become cool without any fear,within 2-3 days everything will be normal.

In some due to mental stress, physical strain penis will not get erect. Even if erected it will become soft soon Relax mentally and physically and in 1-2 days everything will be normal. If one starts worrying more problems will come. The same happened in your case. So be calm. You don’t require any medicine.You Will become normal in few days. 


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