Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Symptoms Are Same For Both

Q. Will women have more sexual diseases and sufferings than men due to HIV/AIDS? What kind of diseases women get?

Ans: Both men and women have same symptoms if they get HIV. However women have some special diseases. They are vaginile candidlasis and this is fungal infection. Due to loss of immunity this will come quite regularly. Herpes Simplex disease too is a common phenomenon. In this near private parts bruises will form and burst. Some will also get affected by pelvic inflammatory disease which results in swelling of womb,tubes near them and ovaries. This result in abdomen become stiff and fever. Some will suffer from more bleeding and irregular menses. Pregnancy in HIV women generally lead to abortion. Women suffering from HIV/AIDS should consult doctor when they get such diseases as they can be cured with treatment. It will also reduce sufferings.


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