Tuesday, December 6, 2022

TB Is Infectious, But Will Not Transmit AIDS

Q:A HIV patient is staying in my house. His health deteriorated and now he is suffering from TB. My son also got TB. If the HIV patient coughs due to TB will it lead to AIDS? When AIDS test was performed it came negative? Is there chance of AIDS appearing in future?

Ans:TB is infectious and chances are that others will get it. From an AIDS person, if he is suffering from TB, the same will be transferred. But people will not get AIDS. AIDS is not transmitted due to coughing. AIDS will be transmitted only through sexual intercourse, blood transplantation,non usage of sterilised syringes, infants get from womb of a HIV affected mother, or when a HIV pregnant woman gives birth to a baby. You neednot worry about HIV getting transmitted if you have a AIDS patient in your house.


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