Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tension Headache

 Q. I have masturbation habit. Though I am trying to stop this bad habit I am unable to do to. When I have more sexual desires I masturbate. I feel happy with semen loss but later get headache for some hours. I don’t have headache when I don’t masturbate. Are nerves in my brain reducing due to masturbation? Will I be bedridden due to paralysis with damage to nerves in brain? I am scared and suggest ways to stop masturbation?

Ans: Masturbation is not at all harmful. Many in teenage will have this habit. If someone says nerves in brain will get damaged due to masturbation it is completely wrong. They don’t have any sex knowledge. You are having feeling that you are doing wrong with masturbation and that brain will damage with masturbation. This tension is resulting in headache. You are having unnecessary fear in your mind about masturbation. Masturbation is not wrong and nothing will happen. So be fearless and masturbate when you feel like. Don’t think something bad will happen. You don’t need any treatment.


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