Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The Pain Is Temporary

Q. I am 65 and for few months my penis is paining when erected. In normal condition there is no pain. No pain while passing urine or pain coming now and then. I don’t have sugar and BP. Pus is not coming from penis. I didn’t have illegal relation with anyone. However I am at loss why penis is paining. My wife is not having any trouble. She got checked with a lady doctor. When penis is soft,I pressed to feel bean like object. I never pressed like that before. Is it normal or I got any blisters. Is this any cancer? Then it is not a problem even ifpenis don’t get erected or I don’t have sex. I don’t have any disease. Suggest solution.

Ans:Some men suffer from Peyronie’s disease after crossing 40-50 years. This is not cancer and is not dangerous. This is not sexual disease. When fibrous layer on penis loses its elasticity, penis when erected pains.

In them one can find small blister in the penis and when erected one to two swellings will be formed. At the starting it will pain and later it will subside. You need not fear about it. There is no medicine for this disease. Have Vitamin E 400 mgs capsules one each everyday for some months which will give some relief. 


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