Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Touch WIll Not Transmit AIDS

Q : I am aged 45 and my husband passed away due to AIDS. I came to know that I have AIDS after his death. I have two grandchildren. I am staying with my daughter after my husband’s death. My grandchildren love me and they are hugging me and even kissing me. Till recently I used to kiss them but I stopped after I came to know about AIDS. They don’t take food unless I feed them but I am scared whether they get AIDS if I feed them. Even my daughter is avoiding me saying she will feed them. Her actions are paining me more than the disease and am praying for early death. However can I stay close with my near ones till that time. Understand my plight and give advice

Ans : People will not get HIV/AIDS by touch or kiss. you can embrace your loved ones and kiss on their cheeks, forehead and neck. You can even feed them to your hearts content. Even if you have HIV,you can feed without any problem and stop worrying about your disease.


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