Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Use Estrogen

Q.  I am 60 and recently I am getting blood when I am having sex with my husband. Some blood stains are noticed on my saree and I am having pain in sex. However I am not losing interest in sex. I am participating in sex even though I have pain as my husband forces me. I consulted lady doctor and told the problem and she after tests told that I don’t have cancer. She gave some ointment and till now I didn’t use it. I feel she did not examine me properly. Is lady doctor’s diagnose that I don’t have cancer is true?

Ans: When one gets menopause, estrogen hormone reduce and tissues in vagina become thin and during sex blood stain is visible. This could be the same. Even if cervix cancer bruise is there, in the vagina,it will be visible in the test. So estrogen ointment and tabs will solve the problem. You don’t have cancer. Follow doctor’s advice and participate in sex.


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