Saturday, April 1, 2023

What If HIV Is There?

Q.  I have HIV and even my wife has HIV. She became extremely weak. She is getting fever and cough. I am not having any problem at present. But due to my wife’s illness we don’t have sexual relation. I am getting sexual feelings frequently. Since I cannot have sex with my wife,I am masturbating. When I told my friend, he said masturbation weakens HIV patient and disease will aggravate. I stopped for some days listening to his words. However I started again. I am asking whether there will not be any problem if I have sex with any woman instead of masturbation? Another question is will semen loss weakens a AIDS patient?

Ans: HIV/AIDS patients can have sex normally if they have strength. They need not stay away from sex. semen loss will not turn a person weak. Semen is useless and its loss do not signify weakness. There is no loss if HIV/AIDS patient masturbates.So you need not stop masturbation.


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