Tuesday, December 6, 2022

What Is That Secret?

I am married two years back. I have more sexual desires. My husband will be busy with business. He will have sex only once in 7-10 days. During those times he will satisfy me. His penis will be large and when not having sex, I place my finger in my vagina and derive pleasure. during that time upper half of varina is touching my finger. My question is how come my husband’s large penis entering the vagina? What is this wonder?

Ans: Generally woman’s vagiona is 8cms depth. However with the entry of penis,it will expand and womb will come up. 8cms vagina will expand to 18-20 cms. Depending on the size of the penis it will expand. Irrespective of penis size,woman will experience same pleasure. Vagina will give tightness feel to any kind of penis.


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