Saturday, April 1, 2023

What should I Do To Get Thrill

Q: I am 36 and married. I have two kids. My problem is last two years I am not having any feeling after ejaculation. Earlier that thrill was wonderful. Now I have black marks on my penis. Is it sugar problem? When I consulted sex specialist in Secunderabad he told it is nerves weakness. I still cannot believe it and so I am writing the letter? What should I do to enjoy thrill in the climas? Any medicines are there?

Ans: You don’t have any nerves weakness but are suffering from psychological problem. Earlier you used to enjoy sex but now both of you started considering it a routine exercise. You should spend some time on foreplay and both should participate actively or else sex will become monotonous. This will not give any thrill.Black marks on penis is not any disease. If you have doubts get sugar test done and use medicines for it.


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