Monday, June 27, 2022

What Type Of Husband Is He?

 Q. I am a housewife who got married four years back. From the beginning I love to touch,kiss and play with penis. However my husband never gave any chance for me. The moment he reach bed he participate in sex and then sleep in minutes. He will even remove light while having sex. I can’t see anything with sex in darkness. I want to see everything while having sex like facial expressions. However he hates all these. So I planned to have morning sex so that I can also enjoy watching everything. But my wish remained a dream. Wonder what type of husband is he? Once or twice I told my desire to him but he just listened and remained silent. How will my desire be fulfilled?

Ans:Lack of communication between husband and wife,not speaking out each others mind or sharing thoughts and feelings will result in dissatisfaction due to non fulfilment of small desires. In marriage relation one should discuss frankly and freely to realise dreams. However some men and women have inferiority complex and to cover them they have their own way without bothering about others feelings or hearing their words. One should observe these complex feelings and behave carefully. Whatever may be the reason couple should speakout sex related issues frankly and should work in that direction. 


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