Wednesday, May 25, 2022

When Condom gets torn

Q: Blood was transplanted to my wife when she bleeded a lot during her delivery. Though the blood was tested before injecting, she got HIV. Doctors informed that sometimes it happens when a person in window period donates blood. Luckily I did not get AIDS. Both of us have sexual desires. Though she has HIV, through condoms we are having sex. What precautions I have to take if I condom gets torn accidentally? Is there any protection from AIDS?

Ans:If condom gets torn or slips during sex with HIV infected woman, penis should be removed at once and should be rubbed with soap and then wash with water.  This will kill viral bacteria easily. If HIV is found,people can get cured of it through PEP treatment. The medicines should be used within one or two hours after having sex. The medicines should be used for 28 days. Doctors will tell how to use the medicines Zidovudine,Lamivudine, Nelphinavir in PEP treatment. One can have sex with partner with precautions though infected with HIV.


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