Wednesday, May 25, 2022

White Is Not That Harmful

Q : I am 18 and not married. I am having white discharge heavily. Due to white discharge or other reason I am having leg pains. I am feeling tired and also got dark circles down eyes. My friends say I lost glow in my face. I am having menses every month and bleeding in normal. I feel due to more white discharge I became weak. How much can white discharge be stopped in girls? How weak girls will become? Let me know clearly

Ans: Teenage girls and women will have white discharge. It is not a disease and this will not lead to tiredness or pain in legs. It will not result in loss of glow. In some white discharge will be more due to other diseases. Due to this some women get itching sensation on private parts. Some smell will also come in white discharge. In unmarried girls white discharge does not signify any disease. Some will have more discharge but this is not any disease. Some girls derive sexual pleasure by fingering private parts and this result in more white discharge. Even that habit is not wrong or harmful. Problem in you is due to lack of protein rich food or sleep. This may be due to tensions, studies etc or low haemoglobin content. Go to doctor for general checkup. Lead tension free life and take healthy food. Sleep well and you will not have any problems.


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