Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Who WIll Have More Sexual Desire

Q:I and my friend had serious discussion on one issue. My friend said that men have lot of sexual feelings and that is the reason why many commit rapes and go to girls for sexual pleasures. However I did not agree with him and argued with him saying women have more sexual desires but they are experiencing troubles unable to satisfy their wants and to come out of it they get drenched in cold water. Who have more sexual desires,men or women?

Ans:In God’s creation both men and women are equal. Except for gender difference they are on equal terms. Both men and women experience same level of sexual pleasures. However women are crushed in the name of traditions and restrictions and since they are looked lowly by men, women are languishing unable to raise their voice unlike men who are behaving in a more independent manner. 

Since men are physically more stronger, they are behaving in a rude manner doing rapes. Other than that women don’t have more sexual wants or men have more sexual wants. Since women are crushing their sexual desires one get an impression that they are having less sex. But for better society both men and women should control their sexual feelings.


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