Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Why Am I Attracted To Everyone?

Q:May age is 18 years. Right from my 16 years I used to feel happy with the touch of my relatives. Recently I got attracted towards my cousin who came to my house. My aunt warned me watching this. Like this I got attracted to two-three persons. recently one of my new relative is running after me saying he will marry me. My aunt is angry with me asking how many more I will start liking. Is there any wrong in my thoughts? Why is my body carving like this?

Ans:Generally girls have some affinity towards their close cousins which develop into attraction.With age ,sexual arousement are common. Due to restrictions girls don’t get change to mingle with strangers. But they feel that for sexual arousement they need the presence of men. 

They get that opportunity with relatives and even parents and family members take light of their jokes. Girls who go out to co education college derive pleasure interacting with guys. They will not get attracted to relatives. Other girls who are reserved will be content with their relatives and feel by marrying them their future is in safe hands. In your case this psychology is working. Think carefully and change your mind accordingly.


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