Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Why Is She Annoyed With Me

Q:I am aged 60 and my wife is 55 years. Till recently we used to lead a happy sex life. We have two sons who are happily married and till now she did not have any quarrels with her daughters in law. However suddenly my started showing irritation and shouting on them.Daughters in law who remained silent started replying to her and this spoiled the family atmosphere. This cut off even our sex life. Though I am sexually competent, I am forced to stay away from her.My wife is entering bedroom showing disinterest and tired. She started avoiding saying she had no mood. I am wondering what all this means. Suggest some solution for my sexual life?

Ans:Women after reaching 55-60 stop experiencing menstrual stage and will undergo menopause. This trigger lot of changes in them. They get tired for small work,steam will come out of them and start sweating. 

They even start showing irritation, shout and show anger on others. They lose control over their mind and this results in quarrels with others. At the same time they lose interest in sex. 

Your wife may be undergoing menopause. Take them to a doctor and inform him the situation. If she gets treatment, she will become a normal person. This will solve your family problem. 


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