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Why Only For Me

Q : I am 25 years and recently married. My wife is very nice. I am suffering from penis erection and unable to control it. The moment I hug and kiss her, I get penis erection. This is preventing sexual happiness between us. Please provide solution to our problem. Before inserting penis I try to arouse her a lot but my wife gets enjoyment only when I insert penis in her. However due to tightness, insertion is getting hard and penis is getting burst. I don’t have any bad habits. Why I am facing these problems.I don’t even know how to use condom

Ans : Many newly married couple experience these problems. Anxiety,fear, worry result in hurried penis erection. Many overcome this with the passage of time. If the problem still persists on doctors advice have escitalopram and Fluoxetine. 

Penis erection problem results in woman getting disgusted and results in frigidity. Unless until women don’t get excited,vagina don’t get loose and it will be tight. G Spot will be present 1-1/2 inch inside vagina. If during foreplay, index finger is put inside vagina and pressed G spot gets aroused. Woman whose g spot gets arouse, a bean kind bulge will develop which after sex will not be visible. Penis erection should be done by pulling the tip of it backwards. Consult your doctor once.


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