Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Why She Is Not Interested

Q. My wife is 50 and I am 60. I have lot of sex desires and potency. If not everyday at least once in 3-4days I love to have sex. My wife earlier used to show interest in sex but now she lost interest. She is avoiding me when I am going near her. When I force her ,she is shedding tears as if she was experiencing pain. Her behaviour is hurting me. Wonder why is not showing interest. She is ok in all other ways. If don’t go near her there is no problem. How to change my wife’s behavior?

Ans: Some women experience menopause at the age of 50-55. So they lose interest in sex. Estrogen hormone levels reduce and skin on vagina become delicate which result in pain. Stopping of fluids in vagina will make it dry and this will result in burn and pain. This is the real reason and some women do not observe it. Take her to doctor and if treated she will be normal. Some may need hormone replacement therapy. One should not feel that one lost interest in sex but should try to findout any changes occurred due to age and get treatment which will make them active.


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