Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Will Eyes Turn Red Due To Heat

 Q. Will eyes turn red due to heat? What to do to reduce heat?What to drink?

Ans: There is nothing like heat in the body. Other reason is behind eyes turning red. It could be due to Madras Eye or conjunctivitis. Bacteria virus enter eyes and result in redness. Using Gentamicin or ciprofloxacin eye drops on doctor’s advice will solve the problem. Viral infection also turn eyes red. Dust particles in eyes turn them red and even excess light lead to the same symptom.

In old people wetness in eyes will be less due to less functioning of lacrimal glands. If they go out in sun , face video light, less sleep result in dryness and redness. If eye lubricant drops are used consulting doctor it will not turn red. It is only superstition believing heat behind eyes turning red and then eating or drinking something else for cure. One should consult doctor and get treatment.


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