Monday, June 27, 2022

Will I Get AIDS for Half A Miniute Sex?

Q : Recently I met a prostitute. I ejaculated within half a minute and couldn’t give more than 2-3 strokes. We kissed for a long time. During that time I had feeling of sex and no other thoughts. I got emboldened at that time but now I am scared of AIDS. Will I get AIDS since I had sex for half a minute? I did not use a condom and she didn’t ask me to use a condom . I am scared even more?

Ans: AIDS scare is always there in sex with strangers. However chances of AIDS for one time itself is very less. If there is bruise in penis or any other problem, get cut on skin during sex at the first instance then AIDS will come. Getting AIDS with kisses is very less. You get tested for HIV after three months. Only then HIV results will not come. Before that if you want to know, undergo HIV DNA PCR test.


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