Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Will I Get Insulted…

Q : I am 22 and I feel my penis did not grow accordingly. Elders are searching for matches and I am scared that I will be insulted in front of my wife if I have such small penis. I do not know how to tell my parents that I cannot satisfy wife due to small penis. The thought of marriage stopped penis erection. Earlier I used to masturbate 3-4 times. Now I am not doing even weekly once. Am I fit for marriage or not, if not only suicide is the option

Ans: Generally penis size in boys will be the same at the age of 12 years as sex hormones are not formed. But with the formation of sex hormones the penis size increases till 18 years. Later it will not grow but penis erections will be there. If penis erections are there one need not worry about its size. You are fit for marriage and only due to worry your erections stopped. Understand the reality and live happily. Get married without fear.


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