Saturday, April 1, 2023

Will I Get Tall?

 Q. I am 19 and aspire to join Army. I am 5ft 3 inch. But Army requires more height. I became slave of sex and masturbated and this dashed my dreams now. I am shot and thin. I stopped masturbating few months back and having heavily. However I did not grow even a inch. Did masturbation created so much damage in me?

Ans: Masturbation is not at all harmful. There is no relation between masturbation and not growing tall. It depends on the height of parents and if parents are short, children will be short.Some will be short even if parents are tall. This due to not taking protein rich food and getting affected by diseases.Those suffering from loose motions will not grow tall. Whatever may be the reason after 18-19 however hard one may work in gym, eat more, one will not grow tall. So don’t spoil your mind as though you committed a grave sin.


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