Saturday, April 1, 2023

Will I Not Get Menses?

Q : I am 15 and passed 7th class. I did not get menses and I don’t have breasts. 5th class girls in my class are having breasts. Most of my friends had menses in 7th and 8th class. My friends are making fun of me. I cannot have menses just like other women? Am I not fit for marriage?

Ans: Generally women have menses from 12-14 years ages. Some before 12 years and some after 14 years will have menses. If they do not by 15-16 yrs they should consult doctor and undergo tests. They may have some hormone deficiency or womb is small in size. Some in rare cases will not have womb. Consult doctor and undergo ultrasound scanning,hormone tests. You will be cured on medication.


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