Saturday, April 1, 2023

Will my desire increase my sugar levels?

Q: I am 70 years and have BP and sugar. Though I am using medicines sugar level is not reducing and BP too is there. I am participating in sex every 10-15 days. I get excited during the intercourse and give strokes quite strongly. I am having thrill but due to increase in age decided to stay away from sex. However I am unable to do and to the top of it my sex desire is increasing and get excited to do more sex. Is my increased BP and sugar levels due to my increased sex? Many say with emotional feelings, tensions BP and sugar will increase. What I should do to reduce sex tensions? I am unable to control my mind. Please give me suitable advice

Ans: some aged people despite BP and sugar will be energetic physically and mentally. They have good stamina and participate in sex. When they have stamina there is nothing wrong in participating in sex despite BP and sugar. Emotions during sex will reduce BP and Sugar. 

So you don’t have anything to fear. If your BP, sugar levels are not reducing though you are using medicines, then the dosage and power is less. You are not practicising healthy food habits and are not doing exercise. If you are obese then using medicines alone will not help. Food intake should be reduced and you should walk for one hour and put a check on weight which will control BP and sugar. 


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