Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Will Sugar Be Known Before Hand?

 Q. I am passing urine frequently recently. If I think more my head is spinning. I didn’t go to doctor since I felt these are minor complaints. But with the problem persisting I visited a doctor. Doctor after examining told me that I have both sugar and BP much to my shock. While prescribing medicines he commented that had I come earlier it would have been better. Earlier I used to get tested for sugar every one or two years. But at that time I never had sugar in urine or blood. How did I get it now. Is there any method to find out sugar as doctor told?

Ans:Sugar can be first detected with blood test.It cannot be found in routine examination. In India there are 4crores diabetic patients and lakhs are there who are undetected. They are termed as pre diabetics. In them glucose tolerance will be less and fasting glucose levels will be high. If plasma glucose blood test are done it will be found. For those who don’t have sugar complaint are tested for plasma glucose test on empty stomach,plasma glucose will be less than 100mg. Pe diabetics will have 100-125 mg. If they are given 75gms glucose mixed with two glasses of water and then conducted another plasma glucose test after two hours their levels will be 140-199. In people who don’t have sugar it will be 140mg. 

Prediabetics will not turn into diabetics. However 30% will turn. Serum magnesium levels will help in finding out prediabetics. In both prediabetics, diabetics, serum magnesium levels will be less than the normal levels. If prediabetics maintain good food habits, exercise, quit smoking, reduce obesity then they will not turn diabetic patients. If they don’t take care then blood vessels will become hard, have BP, angina type of heart problem. Plasma glucose test is simple to find out pre diabetics and is not expensive. Get that test done and can protect self from sugar. One can even stay away from BP, heart problem, nerves weakness, urinary bladder problems and blindness which come from diabetes. 


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