Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Will Thin Girl Not Get Husband?

Q: I am 25 but look like 15 year old girl. No one believe me that I am 25. I am so thin that people make fun of me that I will be blown away by air. I am not getting matches due to by thinness. There is no shortage of sexual desires in me. Sometimes I get mad due to them but there is no use? But men don’t like thin woman so give me some solution

Ans: Your thinness may be due to metabolic disorder or hormone disorder. People whose thyroid gland works more will be thin though they eat more. Consult doctor and get thoroughly checked. If you don’t have any problem then drink milk twice a day, eat bananas and other sweets. Do exercise and have medicines for digestion. Sleep well and don’t work more. You will definitely put on weight and turn beautiful bride.


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