Saturday, April 1, 2023

You Don’t Come To Conclusion

Q.  I am 18 and have small testicles. They did not expand down. When I see others they expand and look big. I am not having like that. Since my testicles are not perfect,whenever I get chance observe others testicles. I have strong sexual desires. I masturbate 4-5 times.Did it prevent growth of testicles or any other deficiency? I am planning to go for police officer job. Will I be medically unfit if I don’t have good private parts along with physique? I am worried a lot. Prescribe medicines to increase size of testicles

Ans: Since you have sexual desires, masturbation,so your private parts are normal. Some have small testicles. Unless examined one cannot tell. If hormone s production is normal then sex potency will be normal even if testicles are small. Those who have small testicles will have less sperm count. Consult doctor and get tested. Some will have hydrocele and so their testicles will be large. But this is not natural. So consult doctor.


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