Wednesday, May 25, 2022

You May Have Sugar

Q. I am 65 and have sex with my wife once in 2-3 days. But everytime after sex my penis is turning red and is paining. If I am not having sex there is no problem. Recently sex potency lowered a bit. My wife is 15 years younger to me. I had second marriage after my wife’s death. Penis is paining during sex. My wife is not leaving if I stop in the middle. I am having good hunger and eating well. My sex problem is my life problem. Is it important to satisfy my wife or protect penis from getting bruise? Show me a solution?

Ans: You may be having sugar. People having sugar will feel very hungry and during sex bruise will appear on penis. In some penis will get cut. Get tested for sugar and if treated it will be solved. You can even satisfy your wife.


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