Saturday, April 1, 2023

You Will Drown If You Get Into It

Q: One aunty stays near my house. She arouses me with her talk and looks trying to have sex with me. She makes fun of me questioning ‘are you a man’. Though I am longing to have sex, due to fear I am unable to get bold. One day she pulled me into her house,removed all my clothes and even she turned nude and tried to arise my penis. Though at first it did not get erect later it got hard. As she guided how to do sex, I got bold and had sex. Later I found it thrilling and from then on even when she did not show interest I started showing interest. Now I long for sex from her every day. I couldn’t concentrate on studies. It is not possible to have sex with aunty whenever wanted. So I increased masturbation. I am at loss as to what will happen to my life. Will I not qualify for marriage. Sex thoughts are unending. My condition is fearful. Save me from it.

Ans: This will be the condition if one gets into illegal relations during studies. Some aunties pull students for their enjoyment, some for fun, some for variety. Education will take backseat. So youngsters should stay away from such fatal attractions and concentrate on studies. Masturbation is not harmful. You should control your mind and stop looking at the aunty and concentrate on studies is the only solution. 


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