Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Your Life Did Not Come To A Standstill

Q:My penis erection is very minimal of late. I feel it is also becoming small. I am unable to participate in sex happily. Though I am trying a lot penis is not getting erected. Am I becoming an eunuch. What will happen to my life?

Ans:Hormones may not be the reason for non erection of penis. It could be due to lack of blood circulation. Only after tests one can find out the reason. One can find out the problem from penile color doppler test, hormone test. 

Mental tensions, fear, stress,lack of confidence and psychological problems result in this problem. Contact sexologist and depending on the problem he will give treatment.

Many good medicines and treatments are available to treat penile erection problem. You neednot fear that you are turning an eunuch. You will become a normal person. Contact your doctor. 


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