Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Get Counseling Done

Q. I am getting married in a month’s time. I got engaged couple of days back. I had relations with some women and didn’t have any disease or even a small bruise on the penis. So I never thought of AIDS or any other disease. However after engagement I got tested for AIDS. Surprisingly the report came positive. I am shocked as already marriage date is fixed. Now if I call off the marriage confessing AIDS,people will look me down. If I don’t I will be cheating an innocent.How can I tell my parents that I have AIDS? I am the only child and their hearts will be broken. Shall I commit suicide or should my parents die or innocent girl’s life should be spoiled?

Ans: No one need to die. Noone’s life will be spoiled. Consult your family doctor and inform everything. He will call your parents and after counseling he will inform them. Though your parents become sad, they will realise the right solution. They will tell some reason and get the marriage cancelled or inform them that you have AIDS and you will have sex the girl always using nirodh. If the girl and parents agree, then they will proceed ahead. There are many girls and guys like you who participate in sex before marriage. They should get tested for AIDS before marriage. You don’t think of any drastic steps but consult doctor and get counseled.  


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