Wednesday, May 25, 2022

It Could Be Depression

Q. I am 57 and didn’t marry due to family responsibilities. Since I am a responsible officer I didn’t dare to have sex with another woman. Since Brahmacharya is good I masutrbated very rarely. I prevented semen loss but even then I got unwell. I am getting tired and even got BP and sugar. I am becoming dull and lost interest in everything. I am having service and I wonder how I can work with such weakness. My friends who are aged 65-70 are happily married and still have sex. They are energetic and healthy. I heard that people having daily sex will not have tensions and it will reduce stress. Is my condition due to my bachelorhood?

Ans: Married life gives relief as emotional attachments between couple prevents depression. Though you practised brahmacharya you got BP and sugar due to stress in your profession. Your lifestyle is also responsible for it. There is no use saving semen. There is no truth that brahmacharya increases life span and gives good health. People may get affected with psychological problems. You are in depression and get treated from a doctor. Try to mingle with others and live happily. If any woman is ready to marry get married. There is nothing wrong. Marriage is your personal thing.


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