Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Only Till 8th Month

Q. I am married a year back. I am 5 month pregnant. Since our marriage we had sex three times a day. If we don’t we feel like we lost something. Both of us have interest in sex and derive lot of sexual thrill. Though I am five months pregnant we are having sex 3-4 times a day. Will it be a problem? My friend told that the more sex pregnant have,the more it will be good for her health. She told till the last day of delivery she had sex. She told that semen will strengthen the baby in womb. She said sex will result in exercise to womb and this helped her in her delivery. Is my friend true and will I give birth to healthy baby if I have more sex? Will I have smooth delivery?

Ans: Till 8th month pregnant can have normal sex and any number of times. Later they should be little careful. One should have sex with no strong strokes. If one have sex carefully they can have till the last day. It is better pregnants have sex with men below them. This will prevent men from giving strokes with force and reduce pressure on stomach. You enjoy sex life till 8th month and later take care. Semen will not reach womb and is also not healthy one. Sex will reduce backpain and and leg pains reducing stiffness. This will not help in strengthening the womb. There is no connection between pregnancy pains and strong womb. You consult doctor and find out how to continue sex life. 


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