Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Sex Knowledge Is Important

Q. I am 22 and don’t have sex knowledge. Elders will not allow me to read those books or papers and will not allow to talk abou it. Even for fun one should not raise it. Now they are looking for matches for me. Friend sometime back taunted me with sex talk and from then on I am scared about girl kicking me out. I am confident that my elders will not tell anything and send me into the room after marriage. What will happen if I commit a mistake as girl will be inexperienced

Ans: Sex knowledge is essential for everyone.People are scared only due to lack of knowledge. As your friend told woman will have two holes in vagina,however second hole is small and urine comes from it. Penis will not even enter accidentally into it. So stop worrying about something dangerous. Just because of elders if one don’t improve knowledge it will result in troubles. For happy married life sex knowledge is essential.


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