Friday, February 3, 2023

These Feelings Are Natural But

Q. I am 16 and recently completed tenth exams. In tenth one girl,my classmate used to be very close. Even after exams she is meeting me and saying that she cannot stay without seeing me. Even I wish to speak with her every day. Even if she don’t meet one day my mind will be troubled. One day she suddenly kissed and hugged me. She was like that for five minutes and I had heavenly eeling. After five minutes she left me and wiped her mouth. Her face turned red and eyes looked sleepy. I was scared as to what happened to her. At the sametime I had semen loss in pant. Till that time I never had semen loss. Only when I masturbate it used to happen. Her face turning red, semen loss in me became a mystery for me. Is there any danger for us? Please save us?

Ans: In teenage it is common that girl and boy get attracted to each other.They feel like talking,constantly seeing them. If they don’t have such feelings then there is something wrong. For seuxual feelings in youngsters dopamine, norepinephrine chemicals will be released. These romantic chemicals when secreted in abundance will result in various changes like face turning red, vapours coming from ears, head, face, eyes becoming drowsy etc. Changes in her eyes show sexual excitement and lust. This is love chemistry related to love and both in girls and boys this will work. During that time lot of fluids will form in girls private parts while women will have semen loss. This is not any weakness. However sexual feelings at this age will spoil education and future. So though sexual feelings are natural one should control them and it is not hard.You should pursue higher studies and come up.So control your sexual feelings.


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