Tuesday, December 6, 2022

It Is Mental Weakness

Q. Till couple of days I used to have good penis erections. I used to masturbate and derive pleasure. Elders are looking for matches and suddenly change came in me. I am not getting erections and however hard I try to masterbate, and erect by hand, penis is not erecting. I am at loss why it happened. How come this eunuch quality appeared in me? Did I become eunuch due to masturbation? Is this good for me.Had I married and became eunuch,wife would have kicked me and I would have had no option but suicide. Is there any solution or only suicide is the option? understand my problem

Ans: Sudden eunuch qualities are only mental disorder. Your eunuch qualities are 100% psychological problem. You don’t have any sex or nerves weakness. One will not become eunuch due to masturbation. The thought of marriage resulted in new fears on masturbation. If a person has fear,suspicion and anxiety in mind about sex, penis will not get erect. You don’t have eunuch qualities and so be cool. Leave fear and enjoy marriage dreams which will turn to reality. Consult doctor and get counseling. You will have no fear.


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