Monday, June 27, 2022

How To Tell?

Q. We are married 12 years back. Till recently we enjoyed sex almost everyday. However recently I developed sex weakness. I am unable to participate in sex once in ten days also. My wife needs sex everyday. Though she will not ask she places leg on me, hand on penis and removes lungi. But I resist and turn otherside. I don’t know what to do. I am scared when evenings arrive and to reach house from office. I don’t know how to show face my wife. Save our marriage life.

Ans: Generally in 30s-40s people develop sex weakness due to stress. Stress increase due to office or business pressures unknowingly. Mental strain leads to physical strain and once married life become routine, there will be dullness in sex life. If one comes out of mental strain everything will be normal. People don’t understand this and think that they developed sex weakness suddenly and become sad. They even lose confidence in them and become useless in sex acts. This is not real sex weakness. This is due to mental weakness, some have sugar, reduction of thyroid gland functioning,low sex hormones, prolactin hormone in high quantity. Consult doctor and get counseling. You will become normal and enjoy family life.


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