Tuesday, December 6, 2022

You Have Civil Marriage Act

Q. I loved a Muslim boy. Even he loves me and we decided to get married irrespective of the consequences. Our elders came to know about her love and both did not agree for marriage and tried to separate us. Both cannot live without each other. We decided to get married and with friends help went to a temple but the priest refused since religions are different. We know that our parents will separate us or kill us. Is true love only lead to death? Give good suggestion and ensure that we get married.

Ans: All humans are equal. Religions,castes are the stumbling blocks which came in between. Those should be definitely destroyed. Lovers should get united with love. Even if no one gets you married in temple,masjid or church you needn’t worry.As per civil marriage act any majors irrespective of religion,caste,creed can get married. Religion, caste will not be obstacles for civil marriage. You go to sub registrar office and inform that you wish to get married. They needn’t be your relatives,your wellwishers are enough.

If you fear torture or threat from parents or others you seek protection from nearby police station. Police department will give protection. No one can separate you. The more inter caste and inter religion marriages happen, the more quickly the restrictions in caste and religion will be wiped off. If each person thinks that he is a global citizen then these walls will be demolished. Youth should move forward with forward looking ideas. They should marry without bothering about caste and religion. They should get married as per civil marriage act and not traditionally which will change the society and lovers like you will not have any problems.


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